Author: attorneypotter

Banned from the Daycare Center

Imagine not being able to visit your child’s daycare facility or preschool. That’s the predicament in which separated parents can find themselves during a heated child custody battle. Even a parent who has shared legal custody of a son or daughter may be barred from visiting that child at the daycare or preschool. It’s important, therefore, that issues surrounding parental visits to schools and daycare facilities be carefully considered before entering into a custody stipulation and agreement. Parents should know the implications of a custody agreement before entering into one. There is usually no better way to begin that quest for knowledge than by speaking with a knowledgeable attorney with experience handling child custody matters.

Sean Potter
Attorney and Counselor at Law

The Heart of a Pennsylvania Child Custody Case

Though Pennsylvania law requires judges to consider a minimum of 16 factors before deciding a child custody case, it’s important not to lose sight of the simple fact that the end result of any custody case must serve the best interest of the child or children who are at the heart of matter. I always counsel my custody clients to stay focused on doing what is best for their child. As an attorney, it’s my job to know the law and fight for my clients’ rights. It’s the job of each of my clients to continue to be a good parent throughout what can be very difficult times.